We will have some exciting news to announce shortly! But for now, we can tell you that the next Cabo Comedy Festival will be held in May or June 2017. Stay tuned!
Minister Marco
A stand-up comedian by accident… Minister Marco is widely known for doing unusually fun wedding ceremonies. With over 5,000 weddings in five different languages officiated throughout the world, Minister Marco brings many hours of “stage time” to the stand-up comedy scene.

One given wedding day, after doing a very fun wedding ceremony;
One of the guests approached him and told him to consider a career in comedy.
A couple of years went by and the Cabo Comedy Festival 2013 came to town. He manned up, sent one of his fun weddings in video and got accepted to compete in the Jack Rollins Breakthrough Talent Competition.

That was the first time of his life doing stand-up comedy along with some of the best stand-up comedians in the world. His sarcastic observational style is a breath of fresh air.

Since October 2013, “Minister Marco” as known by his fellow comedians, has performed in places such as The Comedy Store in Hollywood, Stand-Up NY in New York City, YouTube Spacelab in L.A., The Montalban Theater in Hollywood, The Essex House in New York City, The American Legion in California as well as the famous Beer Hall, Woko, Iron Horse and Rojo Café in México and Guadalajara.

Mentored at one point by headliners Richard Villa and Cisco, Minister Marco attained in a short period of time the confidence necessary to deliver great comedy bits for all ages.

Appearing twice in Mexican Television show “STANDparados” with Adal Ramones and Directv’s “Sigue La Risa” along with El Costeño and Richard Villa in the United States.

Come see Minister Marco at The 2015 Cabo Comedy Festival where he will be hosting and performing in English and Spanish throughout the Festival.

Follow him at: www.ministermarco.com

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