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Rene Franco
Rene is a Mexican TV Show Host, journalist, TV producer, theater producer and actor. His show "Es De Noche y ya Llegue", has been running for almost 8 years in Mexican television, and broadcasted all over the world by the popular "El Canal De las Estrellas" Network. As an actor, he's developed mainly in theater. His radio show, "La Taquilla", a mixture of comedy and journalism, has aired for more than 15 years now over two major radio networks in Mexico. In comedy, he's now presenting "Este Standup ya Llego", gathering some of the best Mexican new comedians. The show runs twice a month in Mexico City and tours all over the country, rotating performers every night. He's expanding his company, Franco Comunicaciones, into a full developed production company for TV, radio, and movies.


Host, "Hola Mexico", morning TV show for TV Azteca, 1997-1998.
Journalist, "Caiga quien Caiga", Gossip News, for TV Azteca, 1997-1999.
Journalist, "Tómbola", Talk Show, for TV Azteca, 2000.
Host, "El Recreo", for TV Azteca, 2001-2003.
Inhabitant, "Celebrity Big Brother", for Televisa, 2005.
Executive Producer and Host, "Es de Noche y ya Llegue", for Televisa, 2006 to date.
Miscellaneous appearances in soap operas, comedy shows, series and game shows.


Co-translator of "Rent" Mexican Production, 1999.
Actor, "El Tenorio Comico", "Que no se entere el Presidente", "Una pareja con Angel", 2002-2010.
Adapter of the Spanish Play "Pegados, A Different Musical Comedy", Mexico, 2012.
Author, "Mirame, The Musical", work in progress.
Co-author, "Casate Conmigo", work in progress. A Comedy in Spanish to open in Miami this Fall, 2013.


Voice in Spanish of "Jay Limo", on Disney-Pixar's "Cars".
Voice in Spanish of "Veteran Cat", on Disney's-Pixar's "Bolt".


Creator, producer and host of "La Taquilla" currently in Grupo Formula, airing Monday to Friday at 104.1 FM Mexico, 1996 to date.

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