We will have some exciting news to announce shortly! But for now, we can tell you that the next Cabo Comedy Festival will be held in May or June 2017. Stay tuned!
Vladimir Caamano
With the name "Vladimir," few people expect a Dominican from the Bronx to take the stage. In his own words, "My name is Vladimir, but I look more like Hector." His experience is the fruit of an immigrant Dominican family living in the cultural mecca that is New York City. Raised in the Bronx and Washington Heights, Vladimir began polishing his wit while attending Wesleyan University.

Whether discussing his grandfather who fathered 43 kids, going to college without luggage, or calling a cab company run by latino spies, you will enjoy watching this comedian weave a hilarious fabric of truth and absurdity. Vladimir is a regular at all the New York City Comedy clubs. He is also a Diversity Scholarship Winner at The People's Improv Theater where he is also taking writing courses.

In 2010 Vladimir was a Gilda's Laugh Festival finalist and in 2011 he was a quarter-finalist at the Laughing Skull Festival. Vladimir has been featured on Standup 360, ComedyTime and SiTV's Comedy Quickies. He is also a 2012 NBC Standup for Diversity Finalist.

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